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Geomembrane Films

The Geomembrane Films manufactured and supplied by us are widely available in various colors, lengths and thickness. This range of products includes HDPE Pond Sheets, HDPE Geomembrane, Ash Dyke Pond Film and many more. We make use of leading technology to assure excellent water proof features in the films. In addition to this, the outstanding dimension stability of the products has made our films high in demand. Strong in tensile strength, our Geomembrane Films can withstand maximum stress. Owing to these excellent features, our films are used for fluid conveyance, water disposal and soil protection.


  •     Water proof & Weather resistant.
  •     HDPE Smooth high-thickness polyethylene geomembrane.
  •     Single and Double side Textured high thickness polyethylene.
  •     Extensive variety of punch opening might be consolidated.
  •     Exceptionally suitable for Shaped pocket provision.
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Agricultural HDPE/LDPE Films

Agricultural HDPE/LDPE Films are mostly used in greenhouses, walk-in tunnel, and mulching. These are made up of low/ high density polyethylene. They are extremely durable and have excellent resistance to ultraviolet, infrared, and visible light. These films are known to have anti-drip and anti-fog properties. Due to their high light-diffusing characteristic, they are widely used in greenhouse plants to maximize the process of photosynthesis. The films reduce the need for pesticides and ensure a good quality yield.

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HDPE Geomembrane

HDPE Geomembrane has excellent durability and chemical resistance properties. It is made from high-density polyethylene material and is available in different variations including smooth, textured, white, and conductive. It finds application in landfills, concrete tank liners, mining, pond liners and power plants. The membrane provides adequate friction between soil and geo-synthetic layers which helps in designing steeper slopes. It is also preferred for lining projects where low permeability is required.

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Pond Films

Pond Films are prepared from high-grade LDPE and LLDPE that have excellent physical properties including high strength and good elongation. These films are UV stabilized and highly flexible which makes the installation easy and also enhances their lifespan. They have better water flow techniques which save electricity cost and also prevent the soil slide. These films do not harm other aquatic animals including crab and insects. The films control various factors of the pond water such as temperature and pH rate.

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Geo-membrane Films

Price: 125 INR

Geo-membrane Films are used to control the movement of fluids in several industries such as agriculture, chemical, fertilizer, and water treatment plants. The different raw materials which are used to make these films are polymer resin, plasticizers, antioxidants, carbon black, and lubricants. They also find application in tunnels, dams, river banks, liquid storage pools, mine remaining, and reservoirs. The films known to have great tear & impact resistance, good interface shear strength, and excellent ability to resist stress cracking.

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Geomembrane Sheets

Geomembrane Sheets are used in numerous fields including landfills, sewage, tailing dams, subways, tunnels, highways and reservoirs. These sheets are very durable and can withstand vast temperature ranges. They are highly resistant to cankers, puncture, corrosion, UV, oil, salt, and acids & alkalis. The sheets have high tearing resistance and have excellent ability to resist deformation. They are known to have great anchorage strength, long lasting life, and their capability to act as a barrier to landfill odors.

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Water Pond Lining Sheets

The Boiler Ash is collected from the boiler's hopper precipitator. Water Pond Lining Sheets are completely non-toxic to all types of aquatic animals such as fish, frogs, toads, and newts. The lining material is UV stable and does not crack or split on exposure to the sun. These sheets are highly demanded in copper/zinc smelters, and power plants. They are available in 0.75mm and 1mm thickness, the thinner ones are recommended for most flat sheets and pond liners and the thicker ones are ideal for all bespoke box welded or measure lines.

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Landfill Site Films

Price: 125 INR

Landfill Site Films are generally used for disposing of waste generated by the hospitals, hotels, and other places. Landfills are the cost-effective way of waste disposal and they also generate natural gas which is widely used as fuel. These films are UV stabilized and do not wear upon heavy duty usage. The polymers are incinerated at very high temperatures which releases a lot of heat energy that can be used to generate electricity.